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What we do

Behavioral Consulting to Support Performance Management

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An organizations’ culture is based upon the behaviors it defines


Our unique ability to define a ‘Behavior Map’ and rigorous use of ‘Behavioral Assessment Technique’ to observe and measure behavior, enable us to add value to the entire performance management process, from selection through to job evaluation, development, appraisal, compensation, and retention.

Leadership and Talent Acceleration Programs are all soundly based on relevant behavior maps, ensuring that your role models are aligned with your organisational objectives.

We specialize in behavioral measurement to support behavioral change and performance management.





















Increased awareness of self-impact creates a greater maturity, and better ‘people management’.

We are qualified by the British Psychological Society Level A and B in Occupational testing, and follow International standards in test use. We use psychometric instruments including ‘MBTI’ and 15FQ, and design and use 360 feedback tools, for personal development purposes.

We are specialists in the design and operation of Assessment Centres (for selection) and Development Centres which combine the most effective behavioral analysis tools to create high acceptability feedback. We also have a competence route for developing an internal capability in these techniques

Combining a behavioral approach and a customer orientated definition of performance, we can design programs to suit your timescales and priorities in any combination of the following areas


Change orientation
Time management
Leadership action
Customer focus
Conflict resolution
Negotiating and selling

Active listening
Coaching for performance
Cross cultural sensitization Presentation
Effective team working behaviors
Decision making & problem solving
Objective setting and action planning










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